Blue Series

My “Blue Series” is a mixed media work consisting of cyanotypes crafted on handmade paper and receipt paper. The cyanotypes were then added onto larger handmade paper and then I added stitchwork. Additional items such as mica and dryer sheets were spread across the work for stability and more visual texture.

This triptych represents the dynamic and converging lines of paths we go through in life. Sometimes we stay on one path and go on multiple paths or crossroads. Life has a beginning, middle, and end, but it also requires rest to take a break from it all and find the motivation to keep moving forward. We are all on a journey to discover what life has for us. Sometimes we intersect with someone else who can add meaning to our lives. Sometimes, the path we're currently on isn't the best one to take, and we can find ourselves at a crossroads. In those moments, it's okay to take a turn or pause and see where a new path leads.

Shadow Box

Building this shadow box was an experience that I hope to cherish every time I build something to add to my portfolio. My grandfather died back in 2019. He was a woodworker and loved to create things for other people. His works were beautiful, fruitful, and most importantly, glorified the Lord. As the youngest grandchild, I didn't get to fully hear his stories or really get to know him as genuinely. I've always admired his creativity and hardship toward others. I remember as a young child his "man cave" which was a garage full of power tools and woodworking tools. I never really understood the craftsmanship that it took to create, but I learned how to build my own canvas and wood panel back at University. Then one day, I got asked about a shadow box and I was like, "how hard could a shadow box be compared to a canvas?" I come to realize it's hard without power tools but overall it's just as simple as making a frame. I enjoyed making this box because I could feel my relationship with my grandfather come closer than even if he was still here on earth. Doing the "same" similar crafts and having that similar interest creates a bond tighter than words can describe.