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2019 Pet Portraits and Commissions


Tape Painting: March 2016

Located at "Unlocked Coffee Roasters" October 2020

Rainbow Path: Running is Joyous

16"x20" Wooden Panel, Acrylic and shoesMay 2018

10 layer Painting: My Orthodontic Experience

Oct. 20164'x5' Wooden Panel, Mixed Media

Ignorance is Bliss | Artist Statement

We all grew up with some sort of child-like innocence. Kids don't have that sense of knowing what is all out there, what can hurt them, and what can protect them. The child is staring at you, inviting, playful, and carefree. Every choice is made for her, and things are simple. The woman above is someone who is disappointed in the state of the world we live in. Her matured knowledge of the world has made her feel despair and depression. The checkerboard behind her represents us as adults having to make our own decisions, plan ahead, and calculate the risk. The gold flakes represent the money-hungry people of the world and the constant hunt for wealth. Camo and little army men divide the two scenes, representing how children “play war” as a game, while adults are able to recognize war as the terrible conflict that it is. At the very top is a red ribbon, representing the crossing of a finish line, of our race. In a sense it breaks the fourth wall, allowing the viewer a chance to answer the question: “Is it better to be Ignorant?”
4'x5' Wooden PanelMixed MediaMarch 2018

Not Made in America | Artist Statement

Growing up in America, I would see products with a “Made in China” label everywhere. I always thought that it was interesting that something created halfway across the world would end up finding its place in the United States, much like me. America is a land composed of people from all countries, cultures, languages, and beliefs, that have all ended up calling this place their home. Like many Americans, I wasn’t born in this country, but it’s my home. The United States is a country that should celebrate its diversity, and this piece is meant to show that you don’t have to be born in America to be an American. I was born in China and adopted by an American family. This painting isn’t a protest, it’s a part of my biography.