Three preliminary space art to get an idea of how to go about the execution process. The middle painting is a rough idea of our solar system. acrylic, latex paint, and spray paint on 34"x 22" wooden panel.
Slide show of Earth Theories and Earth Science: Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, and the actual Earth cores. Outer space: the Solar System, Zodiac, and the Milky way. 15" diameter each.

Message of Intent

This body of work stems from an interest in astronomy and earth science. I believe that science and exploration make discoveries that help us understand God’s creation, and I am inspired to paint with the idea of humanity gaining ever more knowledge of the vast universe that we live in, at least in a visual sense.This specific series of work includes paintings representing theories of the past as well as current scientific thought on earth and space. There are paintings showing the very old theory of a flat earth, a theory of a hollow earth, and then there is a representation of earth’s core as scientists believe is correct today. Then the series on space includes a painting of the band of constellations used by those who invented the signs of the zodiac in astrology in the ancient world. The final two paintings are of the Milky Way and our Solar System.Science is interesting to me, because through it, we can better understand creation. We have gained much information about the universe through the use of telescopes and space exploration. We have an incredible amount of technology to understand our world and space compared to those who lived 100 years ago or more. Through my most recent series, I have been able to fuse together many interests, and I have enjoyed this project the most of all.


Anderson University Senior show May 2018: Thus ending in a giant clock formation where these scientific ideas are constantly still being thought of in the past, present, and future. There are still people today that believe that the Earth is flat, the book "Journey to the Center of the Earth" still shows that people are interested in what's inside the Earth, and we all study about how the Earth has cores and atmospheres in school. The Ancient Greek Zodiac symbols are still used today as horoscopes. We have knowledge about our solar system and how big it is since NASA's "New Horizons passed Pluto in July of 2017. Scientist believe that our Milky Way is on a collision path with Andromeda, which would take billions and billions of years to happen, but still interesting information. The smaller circles in between represent the unknowns of what's in outer space.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. In this case, I used the Oculus Rift by google.
This was something that I created when first having my hands on the oculus rift. It was really interesting at first and trying to understand how to use the tool that it had provided. Saving my work was really interesting. I found that I really enjoy google and how it networks with a lot of other websites. It comes in handy. Feel free to click in the link and via poly google, look through a VR eyeglass wear or just through your screen and zoom in and out to interact with the VR paintings.
Realms within realms was something that I created when first having my hands on the oculus rift. It was really interesting at first and trying to understand how to use the tools provided. Because of the 3D aspects of making art, it is worth wild to make things from all points of perspective, which makes it challenging in some ways.
While experimenting, I ended up making a dome, as an artist, you can find that in many historical architecture.
I took advantage of the all points of perspective to help represent the Hollow Earth Theory. You'll find that the animation helps show water that represents the oceans and that they are constantly moving because of the hot and cold water. Inside the Hollow Earth is a center sun and an atmosphere that represents the clouds. The inner surface has mountains that mirrors the outer layer of Earth. The north and south pole are the only entrances to the center of the Earth and the auroras is the inner light from inside the Earth. This theory making it habitual for life.