Oil Paintings

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Still Life

Artist Statement: [Fall 2017]

I wanted to articulate the understanding of my emotions through nostalgia and personal memories. With these paintings, I explored form, color, and space, in order to create an experience in which the viewer feels as if they are in my paintings. I want to create this feeling by stirring up memories or emotions that, while personal to me, are also relatable to the viewer. My inspirational artist from the top two paintings are from Migrit. After attempting to have that surrealist feel, I also made some realistic still-life paintings. The still-life paintings are also conveying a message of memories. Personal Experience: For example, The old sink isn't from my grandmother's house but it makes me think of my grandmother's house which makes me think of more personal memories. Oil paintings on wooden panels, all come in various sizes.

"Night Light"


"Detailed apple on books"




"Surreal Desk"

Wood Panel $400

"Antique Sink"


"Vintage Candle Sconce"


Portrait Paintings

Artist Statement: Spring 2017

I painted a series of portraits to study faces. These realistic portraits are of people that I know and then constructed a background that matched their personalities. Men with facial hair and different hair textures really helped me grow as an artist to understand how hair grows and are naturally occurring I hope that I didn't just paint a face, but also a personality.Oil Paintings on wooden panels, 24" x 30"

Cow Skeleton: 2015

This was one of my first assignments in college. All of my other colleagues were standing all around me, the professor gave us assigned places.We started with a charcoal sketch, then we transferred it over to a prepped canvas that we made. Then we painted it with a monochromatic palette. Then we learned how to scumble colors into our paintings to give them life.

"Fantasy Orcinus Orca"

2014 First time using oil paints in High school! I used the Orca, also known as a killer whale, as a scale of reference for the viewer. This is also confusing because we know that plants are huge, while a sea horse can fit into your hand.