Beauty is Pain, Beauty is Vain:

I made this video to show how we use beauty products to alter our bodies. It's as complex as using makeup, to as simple as braiding your hair. This represents how painful some things are and how some represent vanity. I added all the noises from each video so that it can bring about how intense beauty standards are for some users. All of these lovely lady's were very kind to film them. None of them are truly vain, I simply did ask them to show me their best looks. As for me, can you guess how many clips I'm in?

December 2019 Sister Portraits
March 2018 Engagement shoot: Nikki and Ashton
April 2018 Surprise Proposal shoot: Emily and Troy
Children Photo Shoot: Camille 4 years old. [May 2018]
Claire 6 years old
Graduation 2017 - 2018