Conceptual Photography


Vesuvius Vineyards July 2019:

The home known as Vesuvius proudly sits as the oldest standing home in Lincoln County. Built in 1792 by General Joseph Graham, Vesuvius has seen over 200 years of American history. Located on the property are the remnants of the iron furnace built by Graham in 1795. This was one of the first of many furnaces built in Lincoln county that helped to produce many different types of iron works well into the 1800’s. Joseph Graham and his family played a big role in North Carolina politics and industry. Most notably, his son William Graham served as Governor of North Carolina, Secretary of the Navy, and was a vice President candidate. The home is on the National Historic Registry listing and still maintains most of its original structure and architecture. Please view their website for more information!

"Squad Smoke"

Inman, South Carolina: March 9, 2019

"Old Sheldon Church"

Beaufort SC: May 2018

"'Untouched' Land"

Artist Statement: Digital Photography [Fall 2017]I liked seeing there are some places around here that have “untouched” land. That’s what I’d like to think. In today’s society, there are many beautiful lands that have been altered and some that are altered just a little. I’ve captured landscapes of subtle alterations done by humans. There are small traces of humans in each of these landscapes, some more obvious than others. I think these images are strong because they give the audience a challenge for the viewer.

Film Photography [Fall 2016]

"Film Project 3: Place"

This body of work of art is set in a place called Hampton, South Carolina; a very small and historic town.

"Squad Drink"

Anderson, South Carolina | What you would expect to find in a bar. [Fall 2016]